Republican Congress So Far: Underwhelming

One of the best things about the 2016 election was ending up with a promising Republican majority Congress. Republicans currently hold a 52 and 239 vote majority in both the House and Senate respectively. What exactly has been done so far in Trump’s almost two months in office? A lot of executive orders, courtesy of Trump himself. But what about real legislation? Besides the talks of repealing Obamacare, nothing of importance. Nothing has come from Congress, which is extremely disappointing. I am not a fan of executive orders, however, at least Trump is sticking to his plans regarding change. If there’s one thing a Trump presidency will be sure to bring, it’s change.

Donald Trump has signed 12 executive orders. Most of which, I’ve had little problems towards. What I haven’t been a fan of, is Congress’s severe inaction. I’m not the only one upset. Media giant Matt Drudge has taken to Twitter as well as his own website, the Drudge Report, to express his concerns. In addition to Drudge, the New York Times wrote an article regarding the current Congressional situation. They refer to the G.O.P.’s visions as a “mirage”. Unfortunately, they are right. At least, so far.

What exactly is hindering the G.O.P. from pushing out good, noteworthy legislation? Presumably, the lack of order in Congress. Some Republican lawmakers are attributing Congress’s inaction to the calls for investigation into the Trump administration’s alleged collusion with Russia, as well as well as the slow process of confirming his nominees. Another theory is one of much deeper concern: Trump’s bullying has taken it’s toll on Congress and they’ve become more cowardice. Trump has a tendency to appear dictatorial in nature, as well as extremely petty and ego-driven. Lawmakers see this and do not want to risk their relationship with President Trump as well as their reelection by potentially upsetting him with the passing of a piece of significant legislation without his express consent. Trump is known to be petty and short-sited regarding the gridlock governmental system the United States relies on. This makes shrugging off this potential theory a bad idea. It isn’t Congress’s job to get reelected and please the President. Bravely upholding the Constitution, however, is the job of Congress. If you are a coward in Congress kowtowing to Trump at every turn then you shouldn’t be there.

Whatever the case may be, things are off to a poor start.

However, technically not all is bad. Congress has started knocking off some Obama regulatory laws, which is good. However, everything they’ve gotten rid of has been minor. For example, nullifying an SEC regulation regarding oil. Some other legislation has been passed, but nothing noteworthy.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

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