U.S. Census Bureau Won’t Ask You About Your Sexual Orientation, The Left Goes Crazy

According to a report from AP, “The U.S. Census Bureau said Wednesday that it mistakenly proposed counting LGBTQ Americans and has since “corrected” the proposal to remove the gender and sexuality category.”

In lamens terms, the 2020 census will not be asking you what your sexual orientation is, just like all other censuses before. Is bad that we won’t see census data that tells us how many people identify as LGBTQ in the U.S.? Sort of. Is it homophobic to not ask? No.

It’s bad because the collection and analysis of just how many LGBTQ folks in the U.S. could be an interesting find. However, regardless of what gay rights groups and the collective left is are telling you, it isn’t homophobic. But, that didn’t stop the misleading headlines from being pumped out by the media.

In addition to misleading headlines, a misleading, unfactual tweetstorm ensued.

This tweet literally says that because of the Trump administration, LGBTQ people will be presumably denied from taking part in the 2020 census. This is idiotic. The action simply says that no questions regarding a person’s sexual orientation will be asked. That’s it. No one is forcibly exempt from taking part in the census because of their sexual orientation, and it’s both moronic and disengenuous for leftists to promulgate that lie. I say it’s moronic because it does the left no favors. The left already has an issue that people are noticing regarding principles: the leftist ideology is void of them. The same is applied to the truth. The more the left lies, the less credible they’re perceived by the American public. The ease of seeing through this lie, in particular, is astounding.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

Greg Matusow is a conservative writer and founder of Matusow.net