5 Best And Worst Things About The Trump Administration So Far

Donald Trump has been enjoying his new role as the most powerful man on earth, President of the United States for just over 70 days now. Saying that feels crazy, considering just how much change to the political landscape he’s brought so far. Trump was the most controversial and surprising candidate for the 2016 election, who preached both conservative and leftists ideals. It is no doubt to anyone that President Trump is not a conservative by any sense of the word; he is a populist. If it is true that his loose ideology is composed of reactionary tendencies that don’t fit a particular bill, then why did so many conservatives vote for him? Presumably, because they clung onto what good policy he managed to propose throughout the election cycle while closing their ears and eyes when he spouts his, often falsified and destructive, rhetoric. After all, the populist agenda does have some policy-crossover with the conservative movement. I think it’s important to praise the Donald whenever he does something decent and right, but always call him out when he does something that’s neither of those things.

Let’s kick things off by listing the top five things Trump has done well on:

1. Neil Gorsuch Nomination. When then-candidate Trump released a list of potential names to sit on the Supreme Court, he managed to win many conservatives over. “He can do something conservative,” they said! The Neil Gorsuch nomination has proved to be one of the decisions that many, including myself, have thought to be top-notch.

2. Keystone Pipeline. The continuation of the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has proved itself to be a hot-button issue amongst many. A controversy that shouldn’t be controversial. Also, a good call.

3. Cabinet Picks. Not to say his cabinet picks have been perfect, I have a lot of grievances with them, but he has pushed through many great picks. One of which being the commendably pro-Isreal Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

4. 40% Decrease In Illegal Border Crossings. This is something that the media hasn’t picked up on enough. “…illegal immigration on our southern border fell by an unprecedented 40%.”, Said Trump in March.

5. Stock Market Boom. The Dow Jones Industrial Average skyrocketed to a massive 21,115 recently. This can be attributed to many factors, the main one being Trump himself and his regulatory policy.

Trump has clearly done a lot of good, some of which is not listed here. Let’s get to the bad.

1. More Stupid Tweets. Whether it’s going after individual companies, taking credit for achievements that aren’t because of him, or blasting the Freedom Caucus in a galling tweetstorm, President Trump has shown himself to be extremely unnerving and petty person over Twitter. When it comes to Twitter, you can look at it in a few ways: Trump is bypassing bias media and tweeting directly to the people. I like this a lot. What I don’t like is how often he does it, and how vague he often is. Trump can and has been avoiding questioning regarding his tweets as a byproduct of slipping by the bias media. That’s bad.

2. Trump-Russia Speculation. Without a shred of evidence, other than a rather large amount of Russian connections in former and current staff, Donald Trump has been constantly barraged by Democrats’ claims, such as the infamous Russian prostitute story. Or, perhaps, he’s a Russian puppet? Once again, no conclusive evidence has been brought forward, despite an ongoing investigation spearheaded by the FBI.

3. Willingness To Work With Democrats. As the political blowback began to unfold as a result of the AHCA’s failure, Trump has repeatedly gone after all the wrong people. Namely, the Freedom Caucus and conservatives alike. As per NBC News,

“President Donald Trump told a bipartisan group of Senators Tuesday night that he’s confident a health care deal will get done despite last week’s collapse of the House Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.”

This is really bad news as well as a sign to us all that Trump is willing to shift even more leftward in policy. The other question is, will the Democrats want to help with that? The answer is no.

4. Health Care Blunder. The entire health care debacle was no doubt the worst thing to come out of members of Congress and the Trump presidency so far. House Republicans have been promising their constituents for almost ten years that a repeal of Obamacare would be taken care of. That’s a huge reason they were elected. What do they do? Paul Ryan and friends craft a secret bill that was to be voted on without knowing a whole lot about it. And what we did know was that the bill was garbage. It re-enshrined core components of Obamacare while taking out others, creating a subsequent death spiral, it created a backdoor mandate, a new entitlement, and was attempted by Trump to be crammed through the House with a stupid ultimatum.

5. Protectionism. It’s no secret that President Trump has a lot of hope invested in trade protectionism, which is incredibly short-sighted and bad for us all. The aforementioned stock market boom will undoubtedly be subsided as a direct result of policies like his TPP withdraw.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

Greg Matusow is a conservative writer and founder of Matusow.net