Political Hack Maxine Waters Claims Trump Is ‘In Bed With’ Putin

Ridiculously baseless conspiracy theories about Trump being a Russian puppet, you’d think, would subside after Trump’s air strike on Syria. That’s because anyone with a relatively rational mindset can see the signs of now strained U.S.-Russian relations. We see the strenuosity exhibited blatantly through statements made by both Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin. During Tillerson’s recent meeting with Putin, he said he told the Russian president that the country’s relationships are at “a low point” after the Syria debacle escalated.

However, rational thought apparently isn’t enough for the Left. Political hack and corrupt politician Maxine Waters (D-CA) slammed President Trump in a tweet early Friday:

It’s this sort of political demagoguery espoused by the Left that leads people to believe no-evidence theories like how Trump got peed on by Russian prostitutes. The fact is that theories pertaining to Trump and Russia collaborating during his campaign are substantiated by the same amount of evidence as the Russian prostitutes theory: none. There is no hard evidence suggesting that Trump’s team and the Russians are in bed with each other. Despite the lack of evidence, Maxine Waters and leftists alike continue to promulgate conspiratorial ideas just like their right-wing counterpart Alex Jones.

The air strike pissed off a lot of people. Namely, the Russians and their allies. If Trump was truly “in bed with” the Russians, the strike would not have occurred. Another theory that’s being disseminated has Trump warning Russia about the attacks beforehand, likely getting the go-ahead from Putin so they can embark on a theatrical act to make it seem like relations are strained between the countries, distracting from the active Russian ties investigation going on currently. This is stupid because of the necessity to warn. It was imperative that Trump warned the Russians so that we wouldn’t be fragilely risking a hot war between the United States and Russia.

Why is Maxine Waters doing all of this? Why is she intentionally misleading Americans to believe that Donald Trump has direct Russian ties when the (lack of) evidence suggests otherwise? The simple answer has already been stated before. Maxine Waters is a hack who’s looking to score some easy political points by baselessly railing against President Trump in an attempt to undermine his presidency.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

Greg Matusow is a conservative writer and founder of Matusow.net