Kim Jong-un’s Failed Missile Launch Induces Worldwide Laughter

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, is no stranger to international beratement on account of his country’s incompetencies. The latest being a missile launch that resulted in a failure of epic proportions.

The latest blunder comes from the city of Sinpo, North Korea, the launch site of the missile. US Pacific Command said the missile “blew up almost immediately.” Of course, North Korea is not giving an official statement on the matter. However, President Trump and Vice President Pence have been briefed on the situation. US Defense Secretary James Mattis said, “The President and his military team are aware of North Korea’s most recent unsuccessful missile launch. The President has no further comment,”

This failure of a missile launch happened just after a massive parade in which North Korea brandished some of the country’s long-range ballistic missiles; obviously an attempt to exhibit militaristic prowess and readiness.

This failure is being attributed to multiple things from multiple sources. Some are blaming the most obvious: incompetence on the North Korean end. Others are taking a more conspiratorial route, claiming “there is a very strong belief that the US through cyber methods has been successful on several occasions in interrupting these sorts of tests and making them fail.”

Whichever narrative you subscribe to, the fact is that North Korea has had successful launches, of course, and will act as a threat to the United States and its allies with continuity, despite this obstruction.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

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