North Korea: Nuclear War “At Any Moment”

North Korea’s top diplomat Han Song-Ryol said, “We’ll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.” while speaking to the press in Pyongyang. He then continued with, “A nuclear war could break out at any moment on the Korean Peninsula.”

He then went on to blame the United States for the current high tensions state of affairs, adding if President Trump is “reckless enough to use military means” then “all out war” will occur, according to a report from The Sun.

This is obviously concerning on many levels. Currently, President Trump sits at a higher-than-normal approval rating for him: 50% as Rasmussen reports. It is no doubt that this high degree of approval comes from his widely-praised air strike on Bashar Al-Assad’s airfield and the recent ISIS bombing. Given that military action has been consistently helping President Trump’s poll numbers, that begs the question of what will happen if he pursues military action against North Korea. Thus far, Trump’s attacks have yet to receive any major international consequences, other than strained relationships with Russia. Now, Trump faces something new; the promise of war if Trump attempts to keep Kim Jong-un in check militarily. On North Korea, Trump has previously stated he will “solve North Korea,” even without the help of the Chinese. A North Korean defector by the name of Thae Yong Ho had previously highlighted the fact that Kim has become growingly “desperate,” and “Once he sees that there is any kind of sign of a tank or an imminent threat from America, then he would use his nuclear weapons with ICBM,” he told NBC News.

Could this be the start of a new Korean war? Possibly. Is this a concerning time to live in? Absolutely.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

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