WUT: The Left Falsely Claims Trumpcare Makes Rape A Pre-Existing Condition

Blaring headlines from the Left have emerged as a response to the Republican’s health care bill. HuffPost published an article on Friday titled “Under The New Health Care Bill, Rape Could Be A Pre-Existing Condition.” This is a lie, and the Left knows it. However, regardless of the truth of the situation, the story and others like it caught on like wildfire on social media, sparking up thousands of tweets like these:

Despite what the boisterously nonsensical headlines tell you, rape is not a pre-existing condition under Trumpcare. The firestarter that began this controversy had to do with the amendment to the new and unpassed American Health Care Act that kicked the onus of the federal government forcing private insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions to the state level in the form of an opt-out program. This is not good for a lot of reasons, but rape being labeled a so-called pre-existing condition is not one of them. Because it just isn’t true.

Nowhere in the bill does it explicitly deem the event of rape a pre-existing condition. That’s because rape is not a condition, it’s a traumatic event that can lead to subsequent injury. That injury would be considered a pre-existing condition, assuming the victim was applying for insurance. So what? It’s the same with every other type of event that leads to injury. Following their logic trail, the leftist media might as well condemn the AHCA supposedly calling the bevy of other situations that have the possibility of resulting in an injury a pre-existing condition, like car crashes, which just is not logical.

So, rape is not a pre-existing condition. Any injuries accumulated from the rape are; as they should be because that’s what pre-existing conditions are. To apply any other title to them is foolish. If rape was an event covered by insurance (it has never been), then what would the insurance companies do that the police wouldn’t? Especially if the victim wasn’t injured? It’s this kind of flawed logic and media meltdown that makes people perceive the Democratic party as one full of little children constantly whining and turning the dial up to 11 whenever they believe something detrimental is happening, but really it’s a nothingburger. It’s mindboggling to think that this actually did catch on as strong as it did, but hey, we’re talking about the same people who say a man can become a woman if he simply believes he’s a woman.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

Greg Matusow is a conservative writer and founder of Matusow.net