Leftists Love It When Women Are Silenced

The Left in America, regardless of what they espouse on hastily written signs or what they shout in robotic chants during protests against President Trump, Republicans, and folks on the right in general, are the ones that actually like it when women get silenced. That’s because they use the silencing, no matter how justified, no matter how reasonable, as a political talking point to forward their backward thinking agenda.

A good example of this would be the #ShePersisted movement that gained immense traction over social media after Senate voted to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Back in February, Warren was reading a letter written by Coretta Scott King about then-Senator Jeff Sessions. The letter was leveraged by Warren to promulgate her objections to Sessions becoming U.S. Attorney General. The Senate then gagged Senator Warren because what she had maligned a Senator; a violation of Senate rules. There were two main issues with the Senate Republican’s decision to suppress her: it gave her a more effective platform to stand on to perpetuate the narrative of sexist Republicans, and it was selective justice.

The gagging gave Elizabeth Warren a more effective platform to stand on regardless of if it was a Congressional pulpit or not. She chose Twitter; the order of her silencing accompanied with the line uttered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “Nevertheless, she persisted,” ignited raving leftists who had been waiting for any chance they could get to label Republicans as sexist bigots. Even though it was a monumentally asinine decision to silence Warren, gender and race were out of the picture. The only thing Republicans cared about was her being the opposition.

The silencing of women, no matter if it’s just or not, will no doubt be picked up and used as a moronic weapon against right-wingers because the Left doesn’t care about principle. They simply care about affirming their own belief system and attacking those darn oh-so-racist conservatives.

You will notice, however, that not all silencing of women falls under the scope of public leftist outrage. Take the Middle East, for example. Leftists would rather baselessly spout off about how it was sexist to silence Elizabeth Warren back in February than focus on exposing certain radical Muslim hellholes for what they are: garbage, religiously fundamentalist countries that employ an all too common backward way of thinking. All too common for the Middle East, that is. To put it simply: the Left takes opposition to almost any traditionally western values. That’s why, for example, Israel is not part of the Left’s list of exempt countries to criticize in the Middle East; they’re the most western.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

Greg Matusow is a conservative writer and founder of Matusow.net