Voter ID Laws Are Not Racist, No Matter What The Left Says

On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear a case appealing a ruling that struck down provisions in North Carolina deemed to “target African-Americans with almost surgical precision.” As per the usual, the Supreme Court did not give a cohesive reason they decided to forgo hearing the case, except for one promulgated by Chief Justice John B. Roberts Jr. regarding an issue of who was representing the state. In other words, the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear the North Carolina case is not sufficient evidence supporting concession regarding the racism of voter ID laws, but rather evident of a poorly put together appeal.

The integrity of American elections is paramount to ensuring the validity of our representative democracy. The only way to truly protect against forces that are incessant on swaying the results of elections illegally is by instituting what other countries and localities already have: voter ID laws. In order for citizens to vote while under the auspices of these laws, they must first prove they are in fact a citizen who has yet to cast his or her ballot. Seems reasonable, right? That’s because it is reasonable. So reasonable, in fact, that many states already employ these laws on varying degrees. However, as they have proved time and time again, the Left is tenacious in holding onto their belief that chucking out buzzwords like ‘racist’ helps their cause. So, leftists have deemed voter ID laws, presumably no matter how strict, as the way racist Republicans attack people of color and win more elections. Without any hard evidence of direct intent. That argument has no philosophical merit. Facially, voter ID laws are nondiscriminatory used to protect the rectitude of America’s elections; not take away the rights of anyone.

The Left’s reasoning for calling these laws bigoted and discriminatory is that, reportedly, whites disproportionately hold the often required forms of identification compared to blacks and that there is a cost involved in obtaining said documents. It sounds to me like if voter ID laws were impeding anyone’s rights to vote, its poor people as a whole, not just blacks. Even that, however, is a weak argument. According to a study of the 2010 and 2012 primary and general elections, there was approximately a 10% turnout decline “as ID requirements become stricter.” This decrease, however, did not disproportionately affect any race more than the others, nor did it find that income was a factor either. Another claim, backed up by Politifact, bolstered that “black voter turnout exceeds white voter turnout, even in states with strict ID laws,” a clear contradiction of the Left’s false narrative.

Despite what misinformation folks on the Left spout about disenfranchisement, a majority of minority voters overwhelmingly support voter ID laws. This includes blacks. 7 in 10 Americans support said laws, as reported by The Hill:

The survey found majority support in every major demographic, including black voters and Democrats.

The notion that in-person voter fraud does not exist is a fallacy. It absolutely does exist, but it is hard to catch those who have already gotten away with it, as it is in the very nature of fraud not to allow one to do so. There are cases of in-person voter fraud that have been documented, however. As a rebuttal, leftists like to claim that Republicans have been the recipients of the majority of in-person voter fraud cases; a scandalous accusation, no doubt. But, even if this was true, why wouldn’t this argument only act as an incentive to get Democrats to execute voter ID laws? It’s because those who refuse to look upon the facts objectively and extend their own logic forward are ideologues who can’t formulate proper counter-arguments.

The fact is, there is a bevy of things you are not able to do in various places around the U.S. without proper identification. These include: purchasing alcohol, cigarettes, opening a bank account, applying for food stamps, applying for welfare, applying for Medicaid/social security, applying for unemployment, renting/buying a house, applying for a mortgage, driving/buying/renting a car, getting on an airplane, getting married, purchasing a gun, adopting a pet, renting a hotel room, applying for a hunting license, applying for a fishing license, buying a cell phone, visiting a casino, picking up a prescription, holding a rally or protest, giving blood donations, and even purchasing certain cold medicines. No one on the Left is calling any of that the targeting of blacks “with almost surgical precision.”

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

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