Obstruction Of Justice Is Impeachable, But It Won’t Happen

High crimes or misdemeanors. That’s what it takes for a sitting president to get impeached in the United States. That’s also why the term ‘obstruction of justice’ is being thrown around so habitually as a response to the recent news regarding Comey’s memo, particularly from folks on the Left. In former FBI Director James Comey’s memo was a description of a meeting between him and President Trump just after Michael Flynn was ousted in February, according to a bombshell report by The New York Times. The memo detailed President Trump requesting James Comey “let this go,” in reference to the then-ongoing FBI investigation into Michael Flynn. Jason Chaffetz wrote that having a record of more of these documents would “raise questions as to whether the President attempted to influence or impede” the FBI.

Aside from the endorsement of multiple mainstream media outlets, the Comey memo story remains to be unproven. We have yet to see the damning memo which leaves many things open to interpretation, as is the case with most situations that do not have clear facts attached.

The lack of hard evidence does not stop the American Left from going bananas. People like Maxine Waters have been calling for Trump’s impeachment long before this memo came out, as I previously outlined. The reason that most Democrats are now screaming about the absurdity that Trump could have obstructed justice is that, to them, this story confirms their previously held yet continuously baseless claims that Trump is in bed with the Kremlin. Here’s a brief somewhat exclusionary timeline about why many on the Left deem Trump as a Russian surrogate:

  1. Trump was overtly warm towards Russia and Vladimir Putin while campaigning.
  2. Trump, despite the immense amount of criticism received, puts Flynn on as a National Security Advisor.
  3. Flynn is ousted for vague reasons leaving many questions still unanswered.
  4. Flynn is investigated.
  5. Trump allegedly asked Comey to stop investigating.
  6. Comey didn’t.
  7. Comey is now fired two months later.

The one thing that Trump-Russia speculation is lacking is, once again, concrete evidence that proves a link. So far, there is none. However, if you are on the Left and already have your perceived biases about President Trump’s supposed ambiguous close relationship with Russia, then the Comey memo story is politically palatable to promulgate as truth because it is injurious to the Trump administration and confirms said biases.

The lack of intent in this situation is an interesting thing to face. There is no certifiable proof of the Comey memo yet, let alone evidence of intent. From a legal standpoint, however, intent is presumably not a requirement for impeachment, as what he allegedly did was still technically obstruction of justice; a fascinating disconnect from James Comey’s previous interpretation of the law (see Clinton, Hillary). I tweeted about this too:

The fact is that Trump’s supposed obstruction of justice — if true — is illegal; Trump can, under the Constitution, be impeached because of this. But he won’t be.

But he won’t be.

That’s because House Republicans haven no political interest in doing so. That’s justifiable when one considers how acrimonious Trump is. There’s also a much larger obstacle preventing House Republicans from moving forward on impeachment: partisanship. In simple terms, it would be stupid for Republicans to go after a sitting Republican president because of prospective backlash. It’s already not looking too good for Republicans in Congress for the 2018 elections and losing a lot of support from current Trump supporters is bound to do some more damage.

If Trump were to lose his majority Republican Congress, which is very likely in 2018, impeachment is also likely. It may not be predicated on this particular Comey memo, but something different. Either way, Trump is incredibly divicive as well as unliked by Democrats. That will not fair well for him if Republicans get destroyed in 2018.

I personally believe that the Comey memo is a real thing. I believe that this is having a devastating fallout affect on the Trump administration and will continue to until it’s sorted out. The only way for that to happen is by playing the “I’m new to governing” card and say he was not nefariously obstructing justice and did not mean to impede on the FBI’s investigative work. It might not seem like the most believable story, even though it might be true because the media hates Republicans. Imagine if this story was happening to Barack Obama right now. Instead of perpetuating ideological biases as a response to conjecture, the media would be going head over heels crazy in an attempt to protect their beloved leftist Obama. That just is not what’s going to happen for Trump nor any other Republican, and it’s asinine to think it will. We do not have a complete picture here. Waiting for one is imperative to draw a conclusion.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

Greg Matusow is a conservative writer and founder of Matusow.net