BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Comey To Publicly Testify. Here Are Some Inevitable Questions.

The news cycle has been tremendously active after Trump’s recent firing of FBI director James Comey. Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Trump fires Comey. The timing of this was the main issue that drew suspicion to Trump. Comey should have been fired for incompetency during Trump’s first week in office.
  2. Trump reveals Comey’s ousting was because of Comey’s ties to the Russia investigation (nice one!).
  3. #ComeyMemo stories begin to surface with an alleged memo that details how months ago Trump put pressure on James Comey to stop the FBI investigation into Mike Flynn.
  4. A special counsel is now heading the investigation into Trump’s team and Russia.
  5. News broke that Trump allegedly told Russian officials that Comey’s firing relieved a “great pressure” that was put on him about Trump-Russia speculation.

It’s noteworthy that four out of the five things listed are casting a negative shadow onto Trump’s presidency. The cause of those four things is Trump himself; if he were competent enough to not get himself into these situations, his normally devout surrogates would have the guts to show their faces. But, alas. We’re stuck with a man who most regard as being a loose cannon. Unfortunately for those of us in the Republican party will undoubtedly be fighting the legacy of Donald Trump just as we continue to fight off and disconnect from the legacy of George W. Bush.

Let’s get into what the newest breaking story is: Comey is back in the spotlight and will testify in an open hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. This comes after he refused to testify in a closed session; very typical of Comey. An open session testimony from Comey is preferable over a closed one anyway even though it’s hard to know what answers he can provide to which questions as he’s presumably sifted through a bevy of classified information as head of the Russia investigation. Good news overall, however.

Here are two questions that are likely to appear during his open testimony:

1. Why Did You Tell Congress No One Put Pressure On You To Stop Ongoing Investigations?

On May 3, James Comey openly testified that obstructions to investigations didn’t take place. Presumably, if one had, in particular by the President, he would have mentioned it then and there rather than talking about an alleged memo detailing his meeting with Trump. Video:

2. Why Didn’t You Resign?

If Trump put pressure on Comey to cease the investigation into Mike Flynn and Comey refused to do so, the only option is to resign. Instead, the investigation continued with no evidence of further private pushes from Trump to stop it. This substantiates what I think happened: Trump is a clown who runs his mouth too much. He nudged Comey in the direction to stop the investigation not for nefarious purposes, such as a cover up, but for purposes of stupidity.

It’s good we’re going to get Comey’s side of the story through an intentionally public forum instead of anonymous leaks; a break from the way news has been fed to us for the past week.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

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