Memorial Day Prayers

Today is Memorial Day here in America. A day in which we, as citizens of the greatest unparalleled country on God’s earth, remember those brave men and women who have fallen and given their lives up in order to protect our God given rights and allow us perpetually to live, laugh, and love.

On this Memorial Day I’d like to solemnly thank not only every fallen individual that took part in not only the founding of America and its democratic ideals, but those who have forwarded our countries beliefs in the protection of others in the fight to eradicate of some of the world’s greatest evils: Communism, fascism, tyranny, and radical Islam.

It is those gallant men and women who have made the biggest sacrifice so that we may enjoy all of America’s freedoms that should remember not only today but for the rest of our lives. As it is them, in combination with God, that have allowed us to prosper and become the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Thank you to those that have fought and fallen to assure American independence during the Revolutionary War. Thank you to those that have combatted dictatorships to save others abroad and protect us here at home. The reason that we are here today is due to the immensely brave sacrifices you and your families have given us; leaving freedom and life behind. Our prayers are with you.

I end with a quote from an American soldier, patriot, and revolutionary Nathan Hale, uttered in 1776, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

Greg Matusow is a conservative writer and founder of