The Sin Of Self-Preservation: How The American Left Views Israel

The American left has a general contempt for entities that enjoy the benefits of democracy while contrasted and surrounded by those that do not. Israel is no exception. Being a light surrounded by darkness, good surrounded by evil, a moral land neighboring atrocious immorality, Israel’s existence is a product of an extraordinary miracle. She is prosperous, democratic, shares an immense amount of decent Western values, and is by far our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Given Israel and her people’s enormous love for and engulfment in rationale, secularity, and morality, why does the American left seemingly despise her? There is a two-part answer: one is deep-rooted anti-Semitism. This is impossible to overlook. Be it on the university level being forwarded by groups like BDS, or on any of the other planes of society being delivered by noted anti-Semites such as Linda Sarsour; a self-proclaimed feminist and lover of sharia law. The anti-Semitic nature of BDS is undoubtedly prevalent. To overlook and ignore the moral sins of other nations and instead single Israel out for illegitimate reasons means only one thing: groups like BDS are Jew haters. There is no other reason that they single out Israel and not Palestine or its many Arab neighbors for dishonorableness.

The second answer as to why Israel is hated by the American left is dissuasion thanks to ignorance. Anti-Semitic leftist organizations such as BDS help contribute to this. Leftist school teachers, professors, and faculty inculcate students with a false narrative pertaining to Israel’s existence: Israel is an illegitimate country founded upon Arab land; they are conquerors. Additionally, to further dissuade leftists from supporting Israel’s right to exist, often tribalistic tactics such as advocating for the equality of outcome are employed. The outcome being both economic and societal; both categories that Israel is far better suited in than all of her Arab neighbors.

Israel’s better economic and social situations should not be used as a weapon against Israel. The only reason the Arab countries surrounding Israel aren’t reaping the same benefits of a free, Western-esque democracy is because of, once again, pure Jew hatred and far-spread Islamo-fascism. That is the undeniable truth that the left hates. The left imprudently despises any inequality of outcome even when it is unjustified, as in the case of the Arab-Israeli conflict. So, the left seeks a particularly disturbing association with radical Islam, something perceptibly widespread among Palestinians. Because the left wants to dismantle Western values because they perceive them as unfair and unequal, they look to those who want to do the same, no matter how different the reasoning. The followers of radical Islam wish to demolish civilization as a whole and rebuild it under the rule of Islam and a caliphate. The left unwisely wishes for not equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome, no matter how unwise that may be.

As for Israel’s existence, it should be an undisputed fact that the Jews have a legal and historical right to the land and that the Palestinians are the aggressors who do not wish for peace. However, the American left sees the necessary action of self-preservation as a sin in the case of Israel.

It doesn’t matter that Israel has the most extensive legal founding than all of her neighboring countries, never mind that Israel is a beacon of light in an unlikely area where one would persist with such morality, never mind that Israel shares our holy Western values in a non-theocratic sense. Israel is Jewish, and vehement leftists are anti-Semitic; even if they do not realize it.

Here is a quick rundown of the history:

  1. The Turks controlled what we now know as Israel prior to the first World War. After they had lost, the British took over the land. The Turks, who weren’t even Arab, lost the land to military conquest. If we are going to condemn Israel’s existence on the basis of military conquest, then you must do the same for the Arab nations surrounding Israel. You must also do the same for almost every modern day country. If you don’t do that, but condemn Israel, you are an anti-Semite.
  2. The 1917 Balfour Declaration opened the land to Jewish immigration. Thanks to noted anti-Semitism on the part of the inhabitants living there, an Arab revolt began in an attempt to quash Jewish immigration. They succeeded in severely limiting Jewish immigration during a time the Jews needed it the most: World War II.
  3. In 1937, Arabs were offered roughly 80% of the territory while the Jews were offered only 20%. The Jews were desperate, so they accepted. The offer, which was extremely generous for the Arabs, was rejected by the Arabs.
  4. Thanks to violence started by the Arabs, Britain renounced its control of the area and gave it to the United Nations. The UN drew a map promising approximately 50% of the land to Jews and 50% of the land to Arabs. Once again, the Arabs rejected the offer while the Jews openly accepted it in an endeavor to attain peace in the region.
  5. In 1948, the peace offer was met with not only Arab rejection, but war. Five neighboring Arab countries attacked Israel in an attempt to wipe it off the map. Israel prevailed.
  6. In 1967, Israel was attacked yet again. They also won again.

One of the nations that attacked Israel in 1967 was Jordan. They were repeatedly urged not to attack Israel, but they persisted. After the Jews had defeated the Jordanians, Israel occupied the West Bank. Under international law, this military occupation is legal. The legality of military occupation is based upon there being no peace in the region. The existence of civilian settlements in those areas, while technically legally questionable, is extremely wise, as I explained here. The question in regards to settlements should be the wisdom their construction carries and if it is within the purview of the UN to condemn them. They are wise, and it should not be the UN’s focus to condemn said settlements. The only reason they did is due to the international community’s obvious anti-Israel bias and the Obama administration’s inaction. There are over 20 other countries with civilian settlements in militarily occupied zones, focussing on Israel only exemplifies the left’s innate bias against Jews and Israel.

The only reason Israeli settlements in the West Bank are even a problem is because of Jew hatred. The argument against them is that the Jews in those areas are treated differently than the Arabs. The Arabs, living under military law, are not citizens and do not enjoy some of the same freedoms as Jews. The one underlying cause of them not being citizens of their own country is because of their lack of desire for peace. The Arabs have continuously rejected a two-state solution that would have granted them the right to not live under military law and met such peace offers with violence and military aggression. The greatest enemy to the Arab inhabitants in those areas are the Arab people.

I’d like to reiterate that it is not the Jews that are the aggressors, but the Arabs. They are the ones that have denied generous peace offerings multiple times throughout the past decade. They are the ones that have waged war and revolts against the Jews for almost 100 years. They are the terrorists, the civilian murderers, the darkness that is consistently attempting to engulf the light that Israel strenuously purveys. The Israelis have made their priorities clear since day one: peace via territorial negotiations can be done diplomatically, not violently. Their peace offers have frequently been met with declarations of war and the attempted evisceration of the only Jewish state on planet earth. The American left is not a friend of Israel because they fail to see just how legally well-founded the state of Israel is, how immoral its neighbors are, and how the Jews advocate for and offer peace, yet the Palestinian Arabs have always rejected it. Failure to recognize that Jew hatred and also calling for the same actions as groups like BDS makes you a Jew hater too.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

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