The Grand Jury Was Expected And Does Not Implicate Trump

On Thursday, it was reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man appointed to lead the infamous Russia interference probe, impaneled a grand jury that has ostensibly been working for the past few weeks. The Post described this enrollment evident that the Russia investigation was entering “a new phase,” one of criminality. While true, do not let the phraseology fool you into believing that there is any evidence of impropriety from Donald Trump himself — at least, not yet.

However, regardless of what those frothing at the mouth on the Left tell you, the jury assignment does not directly implicate Trump in any way, according to all facts and evidence currently presented. Even ousted United States Attorney Preet Bharara, an Obama appointee, and Democratic frontman pointed out the Left’s underserved hysteria:

Absolutely correct. As Baharah suggests, the Mueller’s enrollment of a grand jury was expected.

Grand jury’s, like the Special Counsel himself, harbor a vast investigative capacity; this is relatively concerning when you account for the fact that we do not even know what they’re investigating exactly in the first place. Having subpoenas already been issued, the grand jury is being used to acquire testimonies concerning Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 meeting with Russian-government connected lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya — undoubtedly the most pressing self-inflicted issue harming the Trump camp in regards to Russia.

“Trump and his associates’ financial ties to Russia as one of the most fertile avenues for moving their probe forward,” reports CNN. As you may recall, Trump and his team were suspiciously opposed to the idea of Mueller broadening his investigative mandate into investigating Trump’s finances; speculatively because of either evidence of Russian collusion or the more plausible outcome that would damage Trump’s ego: he lied about his wealth or some other fiscal facet of his. I’m leaning towards the latter for the simple fact that we have yet to see evidence of collusion between Trump himself and the Russians, but an insurmountable amount of proof linking Trump to narcissistic and egotistical tendencies. That being said, it is a politically stupid move to have your lawyer go out on national news and rail against the Special Counsel’s investigation because you don’t like what he’s getting his hands into. It’s shady.

Trump has the easiest job in the world right now if he wants to keep himself safe from bad, Russian theory-engulfed publicity. Shut up and defer any questions with a simple answer: “it’s being investigated, and let’s wait for the facts to come out. I am innocent.” Instead, driven by his self-destructive ego, Trump and his administration insist on getting themselves caught up in lies (Russian adoption story), sending mixed signals (did Trump coach his son’s response to collusion allegations? Not according to Jay Sekulow, but yes according to Sarah H. Sanders), and ensnaring himself in shady details (discussions of pardons and objections to broadening the investigative mandate).

There is no evidence that Trump has done anything criminal. There is a lot of evidence that Trump is bad at this.

Greg Matusow

Author: Greg Matusow

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